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Quadrilateral is a band of many different sounds, makeups, backgrounds, and talent.These four guys mike, chris, jamie, and arlie are from different sides of the street that come together to make one hellacious band and a pure pounding sound thats fills your body with adrenaline and gets your heart beating so hard it feels like its coming out of your chest, all this while your soul is filled with pleasure along with anger. The guys are some of the most dedicated and the hardest working people i know i see good things in their future you will be able to see them the way i do when you hear their music these mp3's do not do then justice to see them live is a treat that you will not soon forget. So listen, browse, and leave your feedback for us good or bad we want it all click the contact button at the top and drop us a e-mail or book a show thank you for taking a look at Quadrilateral!!!!